HERA-7000i with HD Digital TV offers great image quality and innovative design.

Soft Touch sensor buttons with LED lighting control, facilitating its use for the user and increase viewing. The lifetime of the control board is semi-permanent. Stresses its functionality and ease of use, no matter who the user is. Highly recommended for its high quality and ergonomic features that make the enjoyment of your training.

6 cardio programs and 6 profile programs.
Quiet thanks to double solid frame (aluminum and steel) structure without tolerance. The frames are designed for 3D technology and processed by laser cutting. The precise articulation of the components provides smooth ride without noise.
A single frame vibration control foot bed equipped with the most efficient rubber shock absorber which is used in semiconductor manufacturing to control vibration. Significantly reduces noise and vibration.

Technical Specifications:
Maximum user weight: 180 kg
Incline: 0-16% incline
Unit Weight: 210 kg
Power: 220V 50/60Hz

Height: 2210 mm
Width: 934 mm
Length: 1460 mm